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"It was like doing surgery in space, brilliant!" - Moosefly
"It was pretty fun..." - d3m3k
"my god that looks wonderfully boring" - GreatYouHaveChosen
"I think I'm just going to go ahead and wait for Destiny to come out." - Futurepants

Shattered is a moody space puzzle/action game with a focus on gamepad controls. 

Player controls a space ship equipped with a planetary magnet, able to move pieces of planets around space. A terrible mysterious thingie has happened and planets have shattered into pieces. Player needs to wield his magnet and bring the planets back together.

When encountering enemies, player can use the magnet to grab incoming missiles and shoot them back.

Game supports all the most common gamepads, but can be played with a keyboard and a mouse as well. 
If you don't have a gamepad, I suggest downloading the game for best experience:




Move the space ship:
- Left stick / WASD

Move the magnet:
- Right stick / Arrow Keys / Mouse

Activate the magnet:
- Right trigger / Space / Left mouse button