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The Oddjob Developer:

First of all, @ThatSamu and I (@Pewnd) would like to thank you for taking a moment and checking out our game entry into the "The Meatly Jam" game-jam that took place from the 27th to the 29th March 2015. This was a serious test of ambition and scope for a 48 hour game-jam internationally as we wanted to use the theme of "Game Development" to attempt to tell a story. Unfortunately as complications arose with regards to implementation that would otherwise take a larger amount of time to fix became cut. As seen in the demonstration the core framework of the game remains, being able to listen in on conversation and a story potentially able to be told from this dialogue system.

Key features that have been cut from the Demo include a Work/Home system where the player would have to respond to emails correctly based on what they overheard in the cafe and the conversations would change accordingly if the made the correct or incorrect choice. This email system plays into the parts of game develop that people can relate to more, the prototyping and communication between developers, but as of right now the Barista-portion of the game takes the limelight.